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Hello dreamers!

 If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw that I just got back from visiting Atlanta, GA a couple of weeks ago. I feel like the time at ClickAway Conference became even more special with all the travel bans happening right after. This beautiful weekend of relaxation and rejuvenating before a trying time.

I was currently sitting in the Loew’s Atlanta lobby, waiting to head to the airport to wait several more hours. Why did I book such a late flight? Oh well! More time to sit and write about the most incredible conference in the world.

I’ve been going to the ClickAway conference since 2018, and it just gets better every year. It’s run by ClickinMoms and always packs excellent knowledge and amazing people into their weekend conference. This year it was held at the incredible Loew’s Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. While I’ve been to pretty much every state surrounding Georgia, this was my first time in this beautiful place, and I was not disappointed!

Day 1 – The conference started with a Click Pro dinner that I was so nervous about, but it ended up being one of my favorite things. 

Click Pro is “an association of professional photographers pursuing advanced artistic and business development while amplifying the voice of women worldwide.” After a rigorous portfolio review, I was accepted into Click Pro almost two years ago. 

There aren’t many Pros in Dallas, so it was wonderful to meet incredible women with the dedication to their photography that was just as incredible. I completely forgot to grab some photos during the dinner, but if you can imagine fantastic food in a brick restaurant and a bunch of photographers at each table, you get the idea!

Day 2 – Friday started with the opening social, where I met countless incredible photographers and educators and had an opening keynote with one of National Geographic’s photographers, Ami Vitale. After lunch with my roommate, I went to a class on product photography by Kimberly Murray. More amazing photos of our new samples and baby wardrobe will be coming soon! Then, the opening night party! I love to dress up any time that I can, so it’s always one of my favorite nights. The day ended with me being worried as to how in the world I’d keep this schedule up for the next few days, but being immeasurably excited to do so.

Day 3 -The most amazing breakfast happened on Saturday, consisting of chicken and waffles. Having lived in the south for 11 years now, you’d think that I would’ve have tasted some before now, but I loved it! D’Ann Boal of Smitten & Swoon Photography started the morning off with a business critique that gave me great insights as to how to improve the back end of things in 2020, something I’m always looking to do.

And then I did something that I try to do every ClickAway, I modeled! I love modeling for classes because it gives me a unique way to learn the content but also helps me to remember what it feels like to be in front of the lens. There were 3 other models and about 15 photographers all shooting us in the Midtown Atlanta streets and getting to do one of my favorite hobbies made it one of the most fun times I had the entire weekend.

My final course of the day was by Lauren Hodges of LoPhoto Birth (and Lauren is based out of Lubbock, TX, if anyone is looking for an incredible birth, newborn, family, or maternity photographer!) where she led a motherhood shoot. When I first started shooting portraits five years ago, I was in fields for every session but have since moved to mainly using studios. And while I think I’ll keep it that way, for the time being, it was so great to be back to shooting outside! There’s something unscripted and beautiful about the outdoors and what it brings to sessions. I’ll have to think about that…

Day 4 – I woke up on Sunday feeling incredibly heartbroken that this magical conference was about to end. I didn’t want to leave all the new friendships and locations and instructors that I’d met. The day began with a class for a personal project that I’m about to begin, and then I was signed up to take another class. Still, I met this photographer who wanted to talk over some business goals, so we ended up sitting in the Panera for over two hours, talking and mentoring.

Then came the closing panel critique, where a group of educators talked through several different photos and why they do or don’t work. And then ClickAway was done. But thankfully, my roommate Tyrie saved me from my wallowing and took me to Emory University for an impromptu shoot. I’m a sucker for beautiful college campuses, and this one with its marble buildings was no exception.

I wanted to put together a central calendar for you all to see when would be the best time to book your Daydream, dance, or headshot session and also when all our 2019 special edition sessions are.

The weekend was made a million times better since I had one of my best friends rooming with me! We met eachother on the ClickinMoms forum several years ago and were rather instant friends. Does she look familiar? She was also one of my bridesmaids in my wedding last year! You can also find her website here. She’s a engagment, wedding, and maternity photographer in Wheaton/Chicago, IL!
Some amazing goodies in our treat bag from Savannah Bee Company, Meraki Gold, Georgia Grinders, and Bethel & Co(all of their Instagram’s are linked!). 
Amazing classes and incredible instructors! I wish I got more photos during the classes!
Modeling Day One
Our Closing Keynote
And one last modeling time! How amazing is Tyrie?

Altogether, the best weekend of 2020 yet! I’m already making plans and saving dates for ClickAway 2021 in Chicago for April. We may even be taking sessions so be on the lookout!
As always, feel free to contact me using our website contact form, or email me at

Always with much love,

Anne | Hello Daydreamer Photography

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