Accessibility & Medical Needs

After a couple of Google searches, I realized that there were few to no photographers in the DFW area that advertised accessibility or even disability-awareness. As a disabled and chronically ill photographer and a part-time wheelchair user, I knew I needed to fill that gap as best as I could. 

No matter the disability or condition that you or your child experience, I want to ensure that you can have a portrait experience with a photographer who understands. I’m more than happy to discuss any accommodations your family may need before, during, and after your session.

I understand unpredictability. I understand being unable to be around certain smells or light, worrying that somewhere won’t be accessible or have somewhere to sit. I understand being self-conscious of scars, medical devices, and movements that you can’t always control. 

I want to customize you or your child’s portraits to all of your needs, and ensure that your family has a relaxing and fantastic time while in my studio. I would love to talk with you below about  you or your child’s portraits and how I can customize the HDP experience for your family.

My main Allen studio for Milestones and Headshots is based out of my home, so I have large control of temperature, time of day, lighting, and scents. I also work out of several studios in my destination locations and around DFW that are fully wheelchair accessible, private, and temperature-controlled. I’m also more than happy to take my wheelchair or mobility aids along with my measuring tape to any DFW studio before your session and ensure that your aids can comfortably move around the space. 

If you’re located outside of the Dallas area, and want to discuss any accommodations that you may need, please reach out below! I may not be able to psychically go to a studio space beforehand, but I’ll make sure I ask any questions that you’d like me to ask of the location before I even book the studio to ensure a fantastic experience. 

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