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Emma’s Chicago Daydream Session | Wheaton Child Photographer

I am so excited to share Emma’s Daydream session with you all! This was one of our first ever travel sessions and I couldn’t have asked for a more dreamy shoot in Chicago. We traveled to the west suburbs because I had the opportunity to shoot in an absolutely stunning house. It had recently been built and was getting the final finishing touches to it, so the owner let us shoot in two absolutely STUNNING rooms! It would be an understatement to say that this house made this shoot a daydream for me too. If you know me, you know I’m a huge lover of all-white spaces with light floors and crown molding. It’s just too beautiful.

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Our 10 Favorite Portraits | DFW & Beyond Child, Baby, & Headshot Photographer

I wanted to write something a little different for this week. Instead of just yearning for future sessions and more days full of giggles, remembering to go back to past sessions to see how far we’ve come, how many memories we’ve documented for so many families, and how many amazing shoots we’ve had. It is crazy easy for me to get heatstroke so going outside in summer isn’t really an option, so spring is my favorite season with March being my very favorite. Also, I didn’t really get a summer in 2019 since I spent the majority of it in Australia where it was winter. Needless to say, I’ve been mourning the loss of so many free and beautiful days and feeling kind of bad for myself. Then I came across this great idea for a blog post and was so inspired to write it.

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Savannah’s Ballet Petite Session | SLC Child Photographer

Miss Savannah has been one of the sweetest little girls in our studio and you can so clearly see her heart in her Daydream portraits. Her mom is a birth, family, and portrait photographer at Real Life by Rachel and Dar a Luz Photo and Film. She had moved to Utah from Dallas around the same time as us and so we really connected in photography and in life.

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Lilly & Isa’s Ballet Petite Session | SLC Child Photographer

Our first SLC session and the kickoff of the Ballet Petite sessions could not have been any sweeter. We don’t often shoot sisters, but these two were more than I could imagine. Their family found us through a local ballet studio and adored the HDP experience.

At their wardrobe consultation, Lilly and Isabella came along and both fell in love with the same Tutu du Monde dress, so that’s what they wore! It’s the most creamiest of blushes and is covered in delicate beaded flowers along with a matching bow in front. And it just so happened to be my favorite dress as well!

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Ava & Lili’s Unicorn Daydream | Dallas Child Photographer

It’s rare that a session comes so close to the definition of “magic”. Pink and purple unicorns, cloud fluff, sparkles, and twirling. What more could a whimsical girl ask for? Ava and Lili asked for exactly that for their Daydream Session.

Ava and Lili’s mom came to me wanting a colorful, whimsy-filled session for her two little girls. We met at a local coffee shop for their free consult to discuss all the little and big details for their Daydream session. The girls came along and I met their lovies (very important step). As a child photographer, it’s so important to know the kids personalities beforehand, which is why if the moms don’t bring them along for the consult, I ask. I try to always cater to the child’s quirks during a session to give them the most comfortable experience. Say your daughter was super shy until warmed up. I’d then plan to start out slow and maybe just talk to her until her giggles started coming out, then we’d move into the session.

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