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Chicago Recap | Personal Post | Traveling Child Photographer

So as some of you know, I spent my last birthday in Australia. And while it was so incredible being there, my birthday was rather melancholy due to homesickness. So this year my husband surprised me with a weekend trip to Chicago to visit one of my very best friends, Tyrie. She is a wedding, engagement, and maternity photographer at her business Tyrie Mehaffey Photography in the Chicago suburbs. We’ve been friends for nearly 5 years and only get to see each other about once a year so it was amazing to spend time with her and have her show me around Chicago! I also shot a stunning Daydream session while I was there (coming Wednesday). Allll precautious were taken and I’ve passed the two-week mark and am COVID free. I’m definitely not recommending traveling willy-nilly but it was truly a blessing to get to spend time with a dear friend and re-explore the city I grew up in.

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ClickAway 2020 | Personal Post | Traveling Child Photographer

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw that I just got back from visiting Atlanta, GA a couple of weeks ago. I feel like the time at ClickAway Conference became even more special with all the travel bans happening right after. This beautiful weekend of relaxation and rejuvenating before a trying time.I was currently sitting in the Loew’s Atlanta lobby, waiting to head to the airport to wait several more hours. Why did I book such a late flight? Oh well! More time to sit and write about the most incredible conference in the world.

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