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Our 10 Favorite Portraits | DFW & Beyond Child, Baby, & Headshot Photographer

I wanted to write something a little different for this week. Instead of just yearning for future sessions and more days full of giggles, remembering to go back to past sessions to see how far we’ve come, how many memories we’ve documented for so many families, and how many amazing shoots we’ve had. It is crazy easy for me to get heatstroke so going outside in summer isn’t really an option, so spring is my favorite season with March being my very favorite. Also, I didn’t really get a summer in 2019 since I spent the majority of it in Australia where it was winter. Needless to say, I’ve been mourning the loss of so many free and beautiful days and feeling kind of bad for myself. Then I came across this great idea for a blog post and was so inspired to write it.

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