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Emma’s Chicago Daydream Session | Wheaton Child Photographer

I am so excited to share Emma’s Daydream session with you all! This was one of our first ever travel sessions and I couldn’t have asked for a more dreamy shoot in Chicago. We traveled to the west suburbs because I had the opportunity to shoot in an absolutely stunning house. It had recently been built and was getting the final finishing touches to it, so the owner let us shoot in two absolutely STUNNING rooms! It would be an understatement to say that this house made this shoot a daydream for me too. If you know me, you know I’m a huge lover of all-white spaces with light floors and crown molding. It’s just too beautiful.

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Chicago Recap | Personal Post | Traveling Child Photographer

So as some of you know, I spent my last birthday in Australia. And while it was so incredible being there, my birthday was rather melancholy due to homesickness. So this year my husband surprised me with a weekend trip to Chicago to visit one of my very best friends, Tyrie. She is a wedding, engagement, and maternity photographer at her business Tyrie Mehaffey Photography in the Chicago suburbs. We’ve been friends for nearly 5 years and only get to see each other about once a year so it was amazing to spend time with her and have her show me around Chicago! I also shot a stunning Daydream session while I was there (coming Wednesday). Allll precautious were taken and I’ve passed the two-week mark and am COVID free. I’m definitely not recommending traveling willy-nilly but it was truly a blessing to get to spend time with a dear friend and re-explore the city I grew up in.

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Savannah’s Ballet Petite Session | SLC Child Photographer

Miss Savannah has been one of the sweetest little girls in our studio and you can so clearly see her heart in her Daydream portraits. Her mom is a birth, family, and portrait photographer at Real Life by Rachel and Dar a Luz Photo and Film. She had moved to Utah from Dallas around the same time as us and so we really connected in photography and in life.

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Lilly & Isa’s Ballet Petite Session | SLC Child Photographer

Our first SLC session and the kickoff of the Ballet Petite sessions could not have been any sweeter. We don’t often shoot sisters, but these two were more than I could imagine. Their family found us through a local ballet studio and adored the HDP experience.

At their wardrobe consultation, Lilly and Isabella came along and both fell in love with the same Tutu du Monde dress, so that’s what they wore! It’s the most creamiest of blushes and is covered in delicate beaded flowers along with a matching bow in front. And it just so happened to be my favorite dress as well!

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